Fun Guide to Olloi: What to Do and Eat in Joo Chiat

Located at 50 Lorong 101 Changi Road, District 15, Olloi is an exclusive Freehold residences with 34 multi-generational apartments designed to last a lifetime. Crafted by Park + Associates and reputated developer K16 Development, Olloi is a masterpiece home that nourishes your soul in every sense of the word. In a diverse and bustling area, just a short walk from Joo Chiat's iconic cultural spots, Olloi is not only a casual residence but also a place that connects the community, you can enjoy and record precious moments here.

It is undeniable that Joo Chiat is one of the cultural centers of Singapore, and Olloi Condo is well located to exploit its features and good conditions close to this neighborhood. In Singapore, this is one of those places that really have roots in history, steeped in history, the East Katong neighborhood is known for its colorful, picturesque shops, rich heritage. and great range of local dishes.

Olloi nearby Joo Chiat Rd's Location Map

Olloi nearby Joo Chiat Rd's Location Map

Olloi nearby Joo Chiat Rd

A corner of Joo Chiat Rd

The first impression is that the area around Olloi Condo @Joo Chiat is very vibrant and colorful and this is a really great place to live. For the elderly, being surrounded by these Peranakan townhouses is sure to bring a sense of nostalgia (The Peranakans are descendants of the Chinese who immigrated to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia between the 19th and 1920s). Singapore has been perfect in preserving this area as it is truly an old Singaporean feature with boutiques, small kopitiams and antique shops. When Olloi is completed, the apartment will be almost entirely surrounded by townhouses, save for the Joo Chiat complex and the small developments directly opposite.

Check out Olloi Condo's strategic location highlights at URA Master Plan. Besides entertainment and commercial activities, the connection to services and community centers coming soon in the future is also an attractive point of this residences.

Discover 3 interesting points while living in Olloi - located in the interesting neighborhood Joo Chiat right below, don't miss it.

#TOP 1: Shopping at Joo Chiat Complex

Olloi residents can shop at Joo Chiat Complex with many items and affordable prices. Different from today's modern buildings, the old complex Joo Chiat is the place where the exchange and trading of fabric products, textiles, traditional costumes, jewelry and Malay cuisine take place. Located at the beginning of Joo Chiat Street, this complex is the starting point for a journey to explore this unique heritage street.

Shopping at Joo Chiat Complex

#TOP 2: Explore The Peranakan Townhouses

There are many famous online photos of Singapore, and Peranakan Townhouses is definitely indispensable. Stroll around Joo Chiat Road and visit the many well-preserved Peranakan shops along the road, dating back to the early 1900s. Living in Olloi, you can't miss the popular shops along Koon Seng Road. Designed to be narrow and tall, these homes are decorated with signature Peranakan geometric or floral ceramic tiles and other sides in pastel colors, creating a distinctive array of colors. Also, you might notice Chinese couplets underneath the windows - these motifs are said to bring good luck.

Explore The Peranakan Townhouses

#TOP 3: A full morning with Roti Prata

Just a 7-minute walk from Joo Chiat Complex, you can immediately reach Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Prata. The shop of the Moghan couple specializes in serving hot, delicious Roti Prata cakes to diners. Roti Prata originates from the Pakistani and Indian way of making pancakes and in ancient times and is now a very popular breakfast food in Singapore. The dough is kneaded by hand, then baked in a pan with ghee and served with curry or sugar. Roti Prata must be served with curry sauce (usually fish curry, lamb curry or mashed beans). Ranked by level of spiciness, mashed bean curry will be the least, followed by fish and lamb curry. Each type of sauce will have a different flavor, so depending on your preference you can choose the type of curry accordingly. The bakery also serves a spicy sambal sauce (not usually available at roti prata stores). If you can't eat spicy, choose a sugar sauce instead.

Mr and Mrs Mohgan’s Super Crispy Prata

In Conclusions,

The above are just the most prominent places located around Olloi, there are many other interesting things about the project that you can see more in the menu bar items. To broaden about Olloi, on regional connectivity and amenities, you should check out related sections such as Location, Master Plan, and continue exploring the others design details of the project.

Near Joo Chiat Rd gives Olloi many advantages. Continue to explore the connectivity and amenities surrounding Olloi Condo @Location to learn more about the exciting things surrounding this project.

Be Enchanted by the Charm of Olloi Condo

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