Before discovering the 3D Virtual Tour and Virtual Tour panoramic of Olloi, you will be contemplated an typical apartment of this development, 3-bedroom unit. Expected to be completed in 2025, Olloi Condo will offers you a resort-like living along with one-of-a-kind design and architecture. Explore now!



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Overview of 3-bedroom apartment showflat at Olloi Condo

Olloi Condo's 3 bedroom layout is mostly well zoned, and even has an enclosed kitchen, something which is getting more and more rare in space constrained layouts nowadays. One highlights in here that the balcony stretches out the entire length of the apartment, making it more ventilative and bright.

One of the first things that welcome you upon entering the apartment is the fit and completion that you can choose from. This is something that is just available in the more luxurious developments but some level of customisation here makes it become more wonderful. At Olloi, you will be able to choose from distinct tiles options for your bathroom feature wall as well as the main door and wardrobe. The bathroom here is finished with a light pink tile, which is truely matching with the remaining of the finishes of the room.



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The designer is willing to fitting the room to whatever fits your taste as with the flexi room. You could make it open to expand the size of the living room, or simply leave it as the third bedroom.

Special Architecture and Exquisite Interior Design at Olloi Condo

The living area is truely bright and airy because the large frame of the open balcony. The dining is not much large that a round sized dining table maybe not fit here. There is a proper kitchen here, with a spacious area for three hobs as well. It is great that you can close it up and open the windows for heavy duty cooking.



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There are some storage space is added here, which is convenient for your household to clean items and some boxes not be used. Storage space here is quite high up that you will get flexibility here as well in how you want to arrange the space. If you are opposite with the living area, there is a flexi area on your right. This corner is used as a study room, but you can use it for whatever you want. There are more storage space, a small bedroom or even a helper's room. The developers are flexible for you that if you want to add a door, it can be done at an additional cost.







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Olloi Residences' first bedroom is a moderately bigger than average size of other developments currently and accessible to a shared bathroom as well. The master bedroom has an average size, but it leads to the balcony, where you can come here to just chill and relax. The doorway in middle leads to the master bedroom. The last bedroom here is designed with an open concept of additional storage and a sitting area.



In order to keep with the flexibility of the condominium, the different layouts are very interesting at Olloi condo. There are various types of apartment such as a 3 bedroom flexi + utility aparments, 3 bedroom dual key apartments, 3 bedroom penthouses with a high ceiling in the living room and a 4 bedroom dual key penthouses. All of these unit types offer a great deal of flexibility and usability depending on your demands. For instance, the 3 bedroom dual key could be used which is suitable for elderly parents, or for additional extra income. Coming to Olloi Condo, you will experience a tranquil and peaceful lifestyle along with the diverse design styles of the types of apartments here.

Olloi Condo - Sumptuous Spaces To Settle In And Unwind

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