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Olloi is a low-rise apartment building, consisting of 34 residential apartments. The condo is designed with 5 floors with Scandinavian style and minimalism in interior arrangement, bringing a sense of neatness and luxury. Olloi's elegant, modern design units are suitable for multi-generational families or families with many children with apartments of different sizes. An apartment is an ideal home to show off your friends' personal lives and interests. The layout of each unit is flexible enough to cope with changes in demand. The project provides residents with 2 main types of apartments: 3 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms, along with the interior arranged with great living space, you will like this more grand apartment with modern furniture, elegant, perfect urban lifestyle.

Olloi Condo 3-Bedroom:

Olloi Condo has a total of 16 3-bedroom apartments, divided into 5 types of 3-bedroom apartments including 3 Bedroom Flexi, 3 Bedroom + Utility with an area of ​​947 square meters, 3 Bedroom DK Flexi + Utility and 3 Bedroom Flexi + Utility with an area from 1001 to 1023 square meters. Currently, the selling price of 3-bedroom apartments at the condo is in the range of S$1.63M to S$1.65M. If you are interested in this type of apartment, please register with your details below. , we will check the currently available apartments and notify you about prices and offers from the developer.

Olloi Condo 3-Bedroom living area

Olloi Condo 3-Bedroom kitchen

Olloi Condo 3-Bedroom

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Olloi Condo 4-Bedroom:

With 34 apartments at Olloi Residences, 4-bedroom apartments have a total of 10 units, of which are divided into 3 different types: 4 Bedroom + Utility with the number of 4 apartments with an area of ​​​​1324 sqft, 4 apartments type 4 Bedroom + Utility + Yard has an area of ​​​​1356 sqft and 2 4 Bedroom DK PH + Utility units have an area of ​​​​1593 sqft. All living areas are luxuriously designed with 3m wide space to create spacious space for family bonding. The self-contained fully equipped kitchen is stocked with home appliances from trusted brands to inspire the master chef in you. Currently, these apartments are selling for around S$2,338,000, or $1,775.28 psf.

Olloi Condo 4-Bedroom living area

Olloi Condo 4-Bedroom showflat

Olloi Condo 4-Bedroom

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